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Landscaping Renovation

Landscaping Renovation by Waterview Landscaping

Landscaping Renovation is not just taking care of your property. Renovation include a large range of construction services, such as patios instalation, stone walls, drainage system, or even a pools. In order for your garden to look A+, sometimes it is simply not enough to take care of it, you need to create it. Imagine that Landscaping Renovation is the moment when the engine is inserted into the car. Waterview Landscaping is specialize in it.

Landscaping Renovation

we have implemented hundreds of different projects in the field of landscaping renovations. Thanks to our extensive experience and a well-coordinated team of professionals, there are no impossible tasks for us.
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Landscape Lighting
Drip Irrigation Waterview Landscaping

Most outdoor landscape lighting is unobtrusive, designed to discretely illuminate and keep the landscape at the center of attention. As such, landscape lighting fixtures are best hidden within bushes or rock formations and properly oriented to highlight the leaves in a tall tree or wash up a textural wall.

Stonework Waterview Landscaping

From waterfalls to outdoor fireplaces… columns to archways… patios to staircases, Brian infuses each project with his understanding of stone masonry. Committed to preserving the stone’s natural beauty, he draws his inspiration from nature as well as classic New England Waterview landscaping stonework structures

  • Blue Stone
  • Granite
  • Pavers
  • Stone veneer
  • Wall
  • Patio
  • Walkways
  • Flagstone
Outdoor Fireplaces
outdoor fireplace by Waterview landscaping

Outdoor fireplaces is a hugely popular element of outdoor design and dicoration. Oudoor fireplace by Waterview landscaping Company is providing a natural gathering, entertaining and even cooking space. Whatever you invest, the returns are likely to be hefty in terms of cozy and comfortable quality time spent with friends and family.

Irrigation / Drip Irrigation
Irrigation by Waterview landscaping

Gardening involves large investments and high risks. Precise irrigation and fertigation are designed to ensure higher, more uniform yields and better crop health - regardless of adverse weather conditions - each year, every year.

Drainage construction
Drainage construction by Waterview landscaping

Water plays a huge role for plants in the garden. The vast majority of plants , except for the swamp one, can not stand the stagnation of moisture. The close location of ground water leads to the oppression and rotting of the root system of trees and shrubs. Mosses and mold form on a waterlogged lawn. Today, there is a need to build drainage systems in many Old Saybrook county locations.

Excavation service
Excavation by Waterview landscaping

Waterview Landscaping Company owns its own fleet of excavaing and harvesting machines and equepment, as well as several heavy trucks for transporting soil and stones. Since we do not need to rent equipment we always offer a competitive price for our excavator services.

Discover Landscaping Commercial Property Renovation

Being attractive to the customers is not only provide high-quality services and great offers, but it's also the environment and feels that you are giving to your guests. Landscaping plays a huge role in this positive impression.
Waterview Landscaping is the exports in the commercial renovation.

Renovation Workflow

In order to work as efficiently as possible, we pay great attention to the organization of the workflow. It took more than five seasons and a large amount of improvements to synchronize all the working mechanisms and make the team work like a Swiss Watch

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