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Landscaping Maintenance

Landscaping Maintenance by Waterview Landscaping

 Gardening is how I relax. It’s another form of creating and playing with colors. 
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The "health" of plants is timely watering, loosening, weeding, and fertilizing. Proper nutrition of plants is provided by timely fertilizing. In order to reach the best result all plants should initially be selected from the point of view of the best adaptation to the micro-climate and soil of your garden. Planting should be carried out professionally and taking into account the need of sunlight and watering. love our job and know how to do it correctly.

Landscaping Maintenance

Waterview Landscape is a year-round customer service. Together with us you can not worry about the health of your lawn, your bushes and flower beds. Thanks to our extensive experience and a well-coordinated team of professionals, there are no impossible tasks for us. All the durty work on us.

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Commercial Maintenance
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High-quality and thoughtful landscape design of commercial or public facilities should create an attractive appearance and ensure the functionality of the territory. Landscaping does not only improve the overall appearance of the property, and improves the image of your business, but also serves a functional purpose. Explore the difference We make the invariant serving the goals of your business, by creating eye-catching landscape design in Old Saybrook, East Lyme, Westbrook, Madison, Exxex areas. Learn more about our commercial renovation.

Stonework Waterview Landscaping

Your landscaping needs proper maintenance, and we are ready to help with that. Bold design solutions, a non-trivial approach to space usage, specifics of your property, the creation of props, fortifications, artificial reservoirs — all that helps to achieve perfection without disturbing the natural balance. A well-maintained garden is the business card of the owners. That is why it is better to entrust the landscaping to those who have experience and specific knowledge.

Native Plants Recreation
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We sincerely believe that it is very important to support the fauna of the New English Region. We always pay special attention to projects that are related to the alignment of native plants.

Our Landscaping Maintenance Services


Weeding is required for the regular maintenance of yard and plants to maintain their growth Some plants (for example Roses) require additional attention and special care.

Small DIY

Installation of supports for climbing and fragile plants

Special Lawn Care

Soil cultivation, loosening, drainage

Fall Cleaning

Composting or harvesting fallen leaves

Preparation for winter

sheltering shrubs, zamulchivanie trunks circles crops prone to freezing.

New Season Preporation

Organic and mineral fertilizing, Prune shrubs, Remove winter mulch, Brush back leaves on top of plants, Pull dead annuals, Remove dead growth from perennials, Clean up the vegetable garden

Each garden or yard requires its own methods of care and measures of care.
This care depends on the specific set of plants, on the microclimate of a particular property, and on the your wishes. Let's the professional help you. Call us (860) 510-0622
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Landscaping Commercial Maintenance

we understand how sometimes it is difficult to attract guests, as well as meet the tastes of even the most demanding customers. We are a local company with 21 years of experience and like no other we understand the tastes and preferences of residents, and tourists in Old Saybrook, East Lyme, Westbrook, Madison, Exxex, etc.

We believe that the maximum result in business can be achieved only if you go to work professionally, efficiently and creatively. we are ready to become your responsible partner. Trust us to create visual harmony for your guests.

Landscaping Residential Maintenance and Renovation

The project includes an artificial stream framed by specially selected plants that create a unique atmosphere of comfort and emphasizes the dignity of the owner of the house

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