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Landscaping Design by Waterview Landscaping

Landscaping Design is a set of special measures and decisions on the improvement of the territory, aimed at changing the appearance of the territory through the active use of natural components. Landscaping is able to make your garden cozy, beautiful, and most importantly - original and unique.

What style you would like? Will there be an alpine hill and a rocky garden, or do you prefer to arrange a pond and flower beds, or maybe outside fireplace? Which style is closer to you: English or French, Chinese or Japanese? Or maybe the fragrance garden will become the decoration and pride of your site? Modern approaches to landscape design in no way limit the flight of your imagination.

Let's get acquainted

My name is Brenda Barclay.
I joined Waterview Landscaping as a head of Landscaping Design Architecture team in 2020. I am looking forward to meeting you and walking through your property to discuss any aspect of the development of your property, in order to make your back yard to the visual masterpiece.

I have been studying Greenhouse Management and Ornamental Horticulture since grade school. After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Ornamental Horticulture and my Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture I began my career working in high-end residential design.

I believe as a designer the most important thing to do is to listen to your client. The design should represent your lifestyle. By getting to know your client and learning to understand how they use their property you can truly create a space that is appropriate and enjoyable for their family specifically.

Discover the process of renovation

The implementation of any architectural idea requires teamwork, where each participant must clearly understand their task.
Waterview Landscaping have a folded team of professionals, each of whom follows the technical, temporary and budget requirements of your project.

Even if it seems to you that you don’t have enough space to make a cozy corner for the whole family, we can always find a great solution that will completely fit into the existing landscape. All the projects that we implement are pre-negotiated by the customer with the presentation of several options and work with comments that inevitably arise when working with any project

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