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Landscaping Maintenance

Landscaping Maintenance by WaterView Landscaping

Gardening is how I relax. It’s another form of creating and playing with colors.
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The "health" of plants is timely watering, loosening, weed destruction, croning, and fertilizing. Proper nutrition of plants is provided by timely fertilizing. In order to reach the best result all plants should initially be selected from the point of view of the best adaptation to the micro-climate and soil of your garden. Planting should be carried out professionally and taking into account the need in sun light and watering.

Landscaping Maintenance

WaterView Landscape are year-round customer service. Together with us you can not worry about the health of your lawn, your bushes and flower beds. Thanks to our extensive experience and a well-coordinated team of professionals, there are no impossible tasks for us. All the durty work on us.

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Lawn Maintenance
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After the winter, it often looks rather deplorable - bald spots, yellow spots appear, the grass can vanish in places. However, if you take proper care of the green lawn during the season, you can avoid many problems: proper and timely top dressing, cutting and watering give excellent results. If the winter was too harsh or, conversely, with thaws, then the grass cover may lose its splendor.

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At first glance it seems that decorative shrubs need less attention than, for example, flowers. However, this is not entirely true, since in the summer active growth of leaves, shoots and ovaries continues. Therefore, shrubs need no less care than other garden plants.

Native Plants Recreation
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We sincerely believe that it is very important to support the fauna of the New English Region. We always pay special attention to projects that are related to the alignment of native plants.

Our Landscaping Maintenance Services


Regular weeding and additinal attention to the plants that are requir special care (ex. roses)

Small DIY

Installation of supports for climbing and fragile plants

Special Lawn Care

Soil cultivation, loosening, drainage

Fall Cleaning

Composting or harvesting fallen leaves

Preparation for winter

sheltering shrubs, zamulchivanie trunks circles crops prone to freezing.

New Season Preporation

Organic and mineral fertilizing, Prune shrubs, Remove winter mulch, Brush back leaves on top of plants, Pull dead annuals, Remove dead growth from perennials, Clean up the vegetable garden

Each garden or yard requires its own methods of care and measures of care.
This care depends on the specific set of plants, on the microclimate of a particular property, and on the your wishes. Let's the professional help you. Call us (860) 510-0622
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